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Darryl Cooper

When did you first start coming to the Nick?

I first started coming to the Nick not long after it opened (way back in 1979). I was a USC freshman in 1978 so most of the films that I've seen at the Nick were in the old space on 937 Main. Though I loved the quaintness and intimacy of the old space, I don't miss those horrible seats.

Favorite thing about being a part of the Nick family?

I love the relationships and friendships I've built with the many wonderful people who've worked and volunteered at the theater over the years. 

Favorite concessions item?

Everyone at The Nick who knows me will certainly know my answer to this question. My favorite concession item is ... drum roll please...the popcorn!!! The Nick has the ABSOLUTE BEST POPCORN of any theater, anywhere!



Nick Member
Kristina Mandell

When did you first start coming to the Nick?

I started going to the Nick in the early eighties. I remember the cozy, funky vibe of the old space well. My fondest memories are all of the unconventional films I experienced in that intimate setting. Some that come to mind are Diva, Repo Man, and a Canadian animation film festival where I discovered Wallace and Gromit! It is the memory of a place that embodied my weird, funky, and wild child mentality– a safe space to be myself.

How long have you been a Nick member?

I think I have been a Nick member pretty consistently for about four years. My effort to remain a member became a goal when the Nick moved to the new location. I wanted to show support with that commitment.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Nick family?

Being a part of the Nick family is a reflection of the community I want to be a part of. The mission of the programming and overall environment presented by the Nick shows a commitment to a deeper moral, ethical, inclusive, humanitarian, environmental, and arts-oriented society that embraces what I feel contributes to a richer cultural experience. It certainly adds quality and meaning to my life. And the staff rocks! The new location is so nice! It is my greatest indulgence.