Member Testimonials


Darryl cooper

“I’ve been a member of the Nickelodeon since it started, that’s where I saw my first 3D film. To me the main attraction has always been that I can see independent films, documentaries, foreign films and eye-opening films that aren’t shown anywhere else in Columbia. I just wish more people understood the impact that the Nickelodeon has on the many people in the community and on a city the size of Columbia.”


Kristina Mandell

“The Nickelodeon is a reflection of the type of community I want to live in. The Nick is where I go and see my movies because I know that I’ll be exposed to stories that I might not be exposed to otherwise, I can’t remember the last time I went to a commercial theater; I feel appreciated, I feel welcomed, I feel safe at the Nick. I love the programs and special series at the Nick, there’s this constant energy to try new things, a desire to grow and respond to what’s happening in the world around us - It’s the creatives that will solve the problems of the future.”


Pat McClaren

“Everyone is in love with this theater! I’ve been in Columbia 44 years and to see the theater move up main and turn into the best theater in town, has made me realize what a gem it is. To be a member and to volunteer just enriches my life. This theater enriches Columbia’s life.”


Donna Tate

“Film runs in the family, I grew up going to the movies, me and my husband’s first date was a movie, our middle son is a filmmaker and had a film play at Indie Grits 2015. All this to say that going to the movies and coming to the Nick is a big part of my family’s life, my husband and I have been coming to the Nick for at least twenty years now! The Nick is definitely my second home and I will always be a supporter.”