Come Around My Way


"I learned photography and the basics of filmmaking at Come Around My Way, which helps me look at movies in a different way. Josh Yates was an awesome teacher. He’s very different from anyone I’ve met before. I like being a part of the Nickelodeon. They are a unique group of people and I feel welcome here."

– Jacory Frazier,
Come Around My Way Student


Support provided by:

Richland School District One
South Carolina Arts Commission
Nord Family Foundation
Becky & Kevin Lewis



“TakeBreakMake has taught me so much, including how to take media and make it my own. The concepts and overarching themes from this program have intersected with what I'm learning in school too. Ideas of disruption and interruption I have learned in this program weave through my academic and personal life in ways I never realized."

– Dana Dixon, Takebreakmake student

"Freak of Nature" by Danny Flores

Support provided by:

Harriet Hancock LGBT Center
University of South Carolina Women and Gender Studies Program

Adult Workshops

This past fiscal year we launched our adult education program and held five successful workshops. Working with artists and professionals in our community as instructors, we had great feedback from the workshops and will continue to grow and increase our offerings.

Photos courtesy of Michael Dantzler,
Photographer and Adult Workshop Instructor

Summer Camps

Stop-Motion Animation and
High School Horror Film Camp!


“The Nick’s summer film camp was a lot of fun and it gave me great hands-on experience.  I’m more sure than ever before that I will pursue a college degree that will lead me into a career in filmmaking.”

– Brian Simmons, High School Horror Film Camper

"It Happened at Film Camp" - High School Horror Film Camp 2016

"Ghost Town" - High School Horror Film Camp 2016

"World War Orange" - Stop-Motion Animation Camp 2016