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Civil Rights Sundays

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the 1963 civil rights
activities in Columbia.


A Lotta Talent and a Little Luck: A Celebration of Stanley Donen


Burn to Shine

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the burning of Columbia and the beginning of reconstruction.

Art Docs

Featuring original works created
for the series by local filmmakers.

"Painting, sculpture, and architecture are finished, but the art habit continues." These fiery words from the enigmatic land artist, Robert Smithson, act as the guiding voice behind our dynamic series, Art Docs.

– Seth Gadsden,
Series Curator

Nikky Finney
Guest Curated Series

"The biggest idea that ran through the great political and cultural movements of the 60's and 70's was the quest and question of freedom. What does it mean to be free? Can freedom be given to you? Can it be promised? When found should it be taken with two hands and run down the field? Each of these films speaks to that question and that search. I have become the woman and writer that I am because of my own search for what freedom looks, sounds, feels like. What I know now, after living in a world for so long that fears the power of truth, that has taught us to hunger for power and control, over insight and understanding, is my search for freedom goes on.”

– Nikky Finney, Series Curator



2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the 1991 release of Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dash, the first feature length film directed by an African-American woman to receive wide theatrical distribution.

To celebrate and explore the film’s legacy, the Nickelodeon presented Daughters: Celebrating Emerging Female Filmmakers of Color, a three-day film festival featuring works by a select group of contemporary female filmmakers of color.


"A good piece of literature grows in us as we grow. As our wisdom and experience expand and alter our steps in this life, stories that were planted in us while we watched them unaware of their profundity, will indeed blossom. For me, Daughters of the Dust has blossomed many times. At first, it was simply a delight to see families like my own on screen. A strong matriarch who knew the old ways and loved her family with fervor was a kindred to my own grandmother with her stories and remedies.

As I dove into an understanding of story structure, point of view and voice, Daughters offered alternatives to the Western story structure and authenticated the dialect of our people post-slavery in America. As I studied the spirituality and rich mores of West Africa and the retention of those values in America in spite of slavery, the film once again offered a transcendent view of the power of the African spirit. 

Now, with camera in hand, I find myself again, as a daughter on the continuum of matriarchal storytellers, the keepers of our ancestral memory, with a duty to tell our stories and commemorate our survival."

– Roni Nicole Henderson,
Festival Co-Curator, Filmmaker


This festival was made possible by support from Nikky Finney and the African American Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Carolina.

Additional support by:

Fortitude Foundation and the Richland County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., South Carolina Humanities, and South Carolina Arts Commission


Foreign Focus

Foreign Focus is a monthly series screening the best contemporary films from across the globe.Foreign Focus will transport you to awe-inspiring places where you will witness different traditions and be fascinated by the infinite ways human beings interact throughout the world.


Amada Torruella's Top 3
Foreign Focus Selections

boi neon.jpg

Neon Bull

October 5, 2016

"Neon Bull is the type of film that never makes it to mainstream media; characterized by powerful filmmaking and thought provoking subjects, this stunning Brazilian feature showcases androgynous characters that completely defy the viewer’s gender expectations."


Fire at Sea

March 18, 2017

"The refugee crisis has shaken our world on a political, socio-economic and environmental scale, with Fire at Sea, our audience witnessed a key chapter in this historic exodus, proving Foreign Focus is a space for global documentaries."



October 12, 2016

"In Maestro! classical music takes the stage with the story of a prestigious Japanese orchestra. This screening presented the exciting opportunity to partner with the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta and the South Carolina Philharmonic."

Thank you to our sponsors:

Dr. Gail Morrison
Aaron and Andrea West
Paul and Jean Denman
David Whiteman and Lee Jane Kaufman

Nick for America


Nick for America was a four week political  that showcased different perspectives on the American electoral process. We partnered with the Free Times to bring journalists to participate in post film discussions moderated by editor Andy Shain.

Sponsored by Governor
and Mrs. James H. Hodges


Black Stories


Black Stories captured moments that serve as milestones for an entire movement and explores them from a local and global perspective. Thanks to a generous partnership with SC Humanities, we were pleased to present all film screenings for free to the public so our community could come together to learn more abut key chapters in history, honor Black leaders, reflect on current challenges that concern all of us, and discover characters that inspire us.

Made possible by:
National Endowment for the Humanities
South Carolina Humanities


Sound & Vision brings together siblings of form through a new music series in partnership with DRIP (records). In addition to screening both repertory and contemporary music films, local bands will perform live before each film, bringing a bit more action to Columbia's Saturday night.

Sponsored by Drip (Records)



OUT Here

This April we launched OUT Here–a new community-curated and monthly LGBTQ series screening films of all genres. 

"What was the first gay film you saw?  What was the first gay film that changed your life, made you laugh, broke your heart, lifted your imagination, gave you hope?  Those are some of the films we want to see."

- Ed Madden, Director of Women's & Gender Studies,
Department of English Language and Literature


"I’m a shark that can’t stop swimming with this and I don’t think being trans can ever truly remain static. I see a lot of other LGBTQ people doing something very similar, in a way something we’ve always done, traveling to the source of their own traditions to find whereto river runs next. I hope the movies we present in this series help us all get a little closer to finding that current.”

– Alice Lilitu, Nick Staff Member

Thank you to our sponsors:

SC Equality PAC
Famously Hot South Carolina Pride
South Carolina Gay + Lesbian Business Guild
Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, PA
Darryl Cooper
John Lucas
Robert Keenan and Brian Chen
Lula Drake
Dr. Ed Madden and Bert Easter
Larry Hembree and Joe Hudson


Series Sponsors

Aaron and Andrea West

Burnette Shutt
& McDaniel, PA

Caroline Guitar Company

Darryl Cooper

David Whiteman
and Lee Jane Kaufman

Dr. Ed Madden
and Bert Easter

Dr. Gail Morrison

Drip Records

Famously Hot
South Carolina Pride

John Lucas

Larry Hembree
and Joe Hudson

Lula Drake

Paul and Jean Denman

Robert Keenan
and Brian Chen

SC Equality PAC

South Carolina Gay +
Lesbian Business Guild

Community Partnerships

Justice 360

South Carolina Philharmonic

Native American Film Festival

Columbia Museum of Art

Deckle Edge Literary Festival

Faith Coalition
on Gun Violence

The Watering Hole


Refugee Task Force
of South Carolina

Appleseed Legal
Justice Center

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Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc (MIRCI)

Richland School District One

Richland School District Two

United Way of the Midlands

Children's Trust of
South Carolina

The Columbia World
Affairs Council

The History Center

The South Carolina Humanities Council

The School of Visual Art and Design at the University of South Carolina

KW Beverage and Columbia Craft Beer Week

The Department of Languages, Literature, and Culture at USC

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The Jewish Community Council