For the Record

Motivated by a curiosity about how and when images are accepted as fact, “For the Record” presents a combination of new and classic documentary films that explore and interrogate cinematic realism. Each screening is followed by a post-screening conversation or panel exploring the themes introduced by the documentaries. Upcoming films include Frederick Wiseman's groundbreaking Titicut Follies, the Maysles' classic Grey Gardens and Dolores about the life of Dolores Huerta.



Sound & Vision

The Nickelodeon's presentation of cutting edge and iconic music-themed films paired with live performances continues with screenings of Madonna: Truth or Dare, Penelope Spheeris' seminal punk film The Decline of Western Civilization, Part I and 1974 concert film Soul Power.



Special Screenings

Commemorating anniversaries, celebrating special rereleases and featuring restorations of key works of classic cinema, we are more committed than ever to hosting special screenings that highlight the cultural value of art house cinemas. In 2018 we will be celebrating the Leonard Bernstein Centennial with a screening of West Side Story, memorial day weekend with a screening of Jaws and inviting the AIA to discuss Ridley Scott's architectural dystopia in Blade Runner.




Black Stories: Two Cities

During February 2018 in advance of this year's Indie Grits Festival the Nickelodeon will present a curated series of films that explore the relationship between culture, power, geography and race including Crooklyn, key works from the L.A. Rebellion and non-fiction shorts.





This December holiday programming continues with It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and more and this Valentine's Day the Nickelodeon is proud to present a special date night in collaboration with local businesses featuring a presentation of When Harry Met Sally.




Dazzling Technicolor

This summer the Nickelodeon will showcase cinematic splendor with a series featuring films processed in glorious Technicolor, a 20th century color-processing technique that rendered cinematic color rich and striking. Films processed in this way remain amongst the most beloved classics to see on the big screen. Titles in the series will include The Wizard of Oz and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.



Cinema & Conversation

Featuring key works of classic cinema that we believe everyone should have an opportunity to see in the theater, this series will present important films accompanied by introductions by local scholars, allowing the Nickelodeon to function as the community's informal film school.