Volunteer Spotlight

Mark Barrett

"I started as a volunteer at the old Main Street location and have tried to help out at least once a week. My favorite part of volunteering is the conversations with staff and customers. The Nick brings people together that have a passion for art, music, culture, and the human experience. The theatre really is a place of comfort for many local folks. We are family!


Thank you to our Volunteers

Adrian Addison
Veronica Addison
Amy Austermiller
Kati Baldwin
Mark Barrett
Maddie Bennett
Frazier Bostic
Barbara Burton
Maris Burton
Zach Cardwell
Sandi Castillo
Jacob Dominy
Jane Donahue
Jemimah Ekeh
Eleanor Farrell
Nihan Fila
Will Finkelstein
Pat Fitzgerald
Jacory Frazier

Dominique Gadsden
Josie Gauthier
Shelby Geter
Cederick Gibbs
Toure Greene
Olivia Griffin
Theresa Harrison
Isabel Hayman
Gayle Hazzard
Lee Heckle
Ricardo Hernandez
Ramya Kappagantula
Andrew Kilgore
May Kirby
Cole Krietemeyer
Joe Kyle
Lisa Lazdins
Tim Liszewski
Beth Lowrey

Lynn Luc
Taylor Marcotte
Pat Mclaren
Tay Mealing
Kay Middleton
Caesar Nieto
Lauren Nix
Kaleb Partilla
Paige Pierce
Lee Porter
Justin Price
Lucy Quirk
Austin Reely
Kate Reynolds
Ari Robbins
DeBria Robinson
Mary Rogers
Suzanna Rooks
Mika Sakamoto

Alison Salisbury
Kara Shavo
Sara Shealy
Skyler Shealy
Brian Simmons
Linda Smith
Michael Stewart
Heidi Stone
Steven Tapia
Maya Tisdale
Donald Vieira
Bart Walrath
Maria Walrath
Jaime Evermann Walvoord
Carson West
Emily Wilkerson
Alex Wyatt
Debbie Yerkes