Thank you to our volunteers

Emily Acerra
Adrian Addison
Rashida Addison
Veronica Addison
Alexi Alario
Carlos Anrrich
Pauline Arroyo
Maddie Bennett
Faith Billingsley
April Blake
Ashton Boland
Barb Burton
Maris Burton
Caroline Campion
Zach Cardwell
Sandi Castillo
Heidi Colwell
Jim Colwell
Shelia Cook
Walt Cook
Cindy Cox
Dee Curlee
Alisha Damon
Emilie Dawson
Justin Durant
Jemimah Ekeh

Nihan Fila
Heather Finnegram
Pat Fitzgerald

Taylor Flanders
Jacory Frazier
Briana Gadsden
Angel Galgon
Heaven Galgon
Shelby Geter
Cederick Gibbs
Spenser Gilchrist
Macie Giordano
Toure Greene
Rachel Grenis
Allison Hardin
Maggie Hardin
Gayle Hazzard
Lee Heckle
Ricardo Hernandez
Paula Hite
Sarah Honney
Taylor Honore
Isabel Houck
Anita Hubbard
Dalia Hussein
Krystal Jamison

Aldrick Jenkins
Ashley Johnson
Andrew Kilgore
May Kirby
Grey Klein
Lindsey Knowlton
Joe Kyle

Tim Liszewski
Beth Lowrey
Anne Macaluso
Kaitlyn Madden
Johnathan McBee
Sara McDonough
Amy McKinney
Pat Mclaren
Joe Mcmaster
Kaylyn Middleton
Leigh Miller

Ashley Nelson
Lauren Nix
Andrew O'Flaherty
Stephanie Owens
Rosetta Penny
Taylor Poling
Justin Price
Kate Reynolds

Ari Robbins
DeBria Robinson
Eric Robinson
Mary Rogers
Brittani Rosier
Chris Scudder

Kara Shavo
Sara Shealy
Christine Shestko
Michelle Simon
Chanel Skinner
Linda Smith
Amelia Smoak
Heidi Stone
Jackson Tucker
Raven Tucker
Archana Varadaraj
Bart and Maria Walrath
Jiayao Wang
Adrian Williams
Chenille Williams
Naya Williams
Debbie Yerkes
Lyla Zimmerman

Claire Zlotnicki

Volunteer spotlights


Bart Walrath

“What Maria and I like best is interacting with the customers and the people that work here, especially during Indie Grits! It’s been great to see the expansion of Indie Grits, it started out as a small little festival and it’s grown into one of the premier events going on in the area. It always amazes me how they try to make big changes every year, it’s never repetitive, Indie Grits 2016 was outstanding.”


Veronica Medina Addison

“I enjoy the Nick because it’s a space to have great conversations, I love that after a screening people are encouraged to express their opinions and I get to listen to all these perspectives, I’ve loved learning to break down the movies. It’s a great group of people that work here and that come through these doors. Me and my husband volunteer on Sundays and it’s so much fun! During Indie Grits we volunteered with our two teenage boys, it has turned into a family affair! I like to involve them and remind them that this theater is something special.”

Justin Price

"Volunteering at the Nick is one of the favorite parts of my week. Great popcorn, and even better people. Truly an excellent community here."